Travel with Smiles

I am reminded today of my first time to take a trip on an airplane. I was 21 years old. I had become a skin care consultant-as I liked to call myself- for Mary Kay cosmetics. So had my twin sister. Their annual convention was in Dallas Texas, and we had decided to invest in our career and attend.

That’s the sequence of success you know. Decide to do something. Recruit your sister. Buy the right clothes. Get a cute briefcase. Get matching office supplies.

All the better, this job included travel! What a treat!

We get dropped off at the airport, and I am actually feeling pretty nervous. My husband wasn’t real crazy about me being away, but was willing. My sister told everyone that this was my first flight. We boarded the plane and got settled in our seats.

Once we were settled, my smile grew and grew. We giggled. We laughed. We were going to have a great time. And we did.

Life moved us to a distant state after that trip and our twin travel ceased. We traveled to see each other. We raised kids, we migrated in and out of Mary Kay, we went to college, we prayed while her son was in Iraq, and we cared for our parents as they each faced different illness and death. We walked with me through a divorce. We cried together and laughed together, but we didn’t travel together.

Then after 33 years, we took a twin trip together. We have taken a trip every year for 4 years. It is a treasure I cherish.

Today we are both traveling-She to another country, me across country. We will miss each other. But we have our next trip in February. What a way to warm the Ohio winter and the heart.

Travel safe my sis! See you soon!

Twin Trip!

Our birthday is about to arrive! Over the last few years we have started a tradition of going on a trip together for our birthday. Our first trip was to French Lick in Indiana. It is a delightful spa with a fascinating history. It is set where the natural sulfa springs were. While there we rested, talked, laughed, dined, and enjoyed the spa. We found a book that was written by an author while he stayed there. “So Cold the River” by Michael Koryta. Very good-highly recommend it.

We would wander to a pretty spot and read that book, get up, wander to another pretty spot and read….another pretty spot and read. We read they whole book while there. We were inspired! Somehow that experience motivated us to start writing together. We booked a room at the sister spa in Indiana-West Badin for the next year. West Badin is a fabulous place. It has a huge dome and is full of flowing statues, and again with a rich history.

For two years we returned there for a writing retreat. We completed a manuscript that is under review in the self-help-memoir genre.

This year we go to Pennsylvania. The Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. We will start the brainstorming on our new book. The amazing part is our thought process. As identical twins, we think so much the same, yet we have somewhat different perspectives. Thoughts can be jotted down before they are completed…the other one instinctively knows what the first one was saying! So we accomplish a lot in a few days.

We will giggle, laugh, wine and dine, rest, and come home with a complete book outline of chapter summaries!

It is so much fun being a twin! Happy Birthday Sister!