“Leo and the Listener”

“The voices whisper. If you listen you can hear the past.”

“Leo is a runaway slave who dies in the cellar of the Frost home. He cannot move on until he tells the story. But no one is listening. He misses his beloved Sena and wants to return to her. He has to tell someone the secrets of the house so he can be freed. As the new owner tears down the old walls for restoration, the stories break out as the walls break open.”

While this is not a story about twins, it does mention the closeness of twins in my new novella eBook. It’s title is Leo and the Listener. It is available on Amazon for $3.99 and will download to your Kindle or to your iPAD. The story was inspired as we rehabbed our 200 year old home. The discoveries were fascinating!

Should you wish to purchase it and read it, please share with me your thoughts!